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The AAA Prescription Savings Program helps customers save money on brand name and generic prescription drugs. Although most over-the-counter medications are not covered by the plan, members can receive discounts on diabetes supplies. According to AAA, members of the program can save up to half off on their prescription drugs, with an average savings of 24 percent.[1]

According to the AAA website, nine out of 10 pharmacies accept their savings plan, which totals 59,000 pharmacies across the United States. Patients may find the closest participating pharmacy by calling 1-866-AAA-SAVE (1-866-222-7283) or visiting the program website. Although patients with health insurance are able to join the program, they will not receive discounts on prescriptions covered by their insurance policy.[2]


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Benefits 35% savings on generic drugs; 15-percent savings on brand name drugs
Eligibility AAA members
Cost Free
Included medications for Prescription drugs and diabetes supplies
Questions? 1-866-AAA-SAVE
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About the AAA Prescription Savings Program

The AAA Prescription Savings Program is not an insurance plan, and there are no premiums or costs for the plan itself. The AAA Prescription Savings Program is a discount plan that provides savings on both generic and brand name prescription drugs. The savings cannot be combined with any other discount or insurance plans.[3] AAA Prescription Savings cards are accepted at retail pharmacies as well as through the CVS Caremark Mail Service Pharmacy.[4]

According to AAA, the average prescription drug costs 24 percent less with the savings card. The average generic drug costs 35 percent less, while the average prescription costs 15 percent less. Actual savings will vary according to the type of medication. Because membership in the prescription program is tied to regular AAA memberships, members also receive discounts at numerous restaurants, retailers and service providers.[3]

Some AAA membership cards already contain information on the AAA Prescription Savings plan on the back of the card. If a consumer's AAA card does not already have this information, they will need to obtain a separate card to begin using the program to obtain discounts.[2]

  • Eligibility: All AAA members are eligible. Eligibility terminates when AAA membership ends.[3]
  • Benefits: Savings average 35% for generic drugs and 15% on brand name drugs at participating pharmacies.[3]
  • Costs: There are no costs beyond the cost of the base AAA membership.[3]
  • Coverage: All members of the household are covered by the program, as long as one person is a AAA member. Pets are also covered.[5]

How to Sign up for AAA Prescription Savings Program

Members can enroll in the program by filling out a Prescription Savings Plan card. Cards are available in the AAA Horizons publication and at local AAA offices; members may also print cards through a link on the AAA website. The AAA Prescription Savings Plan card must be presented at the pharmacy along with a valid AAA membership card in order to be honored. [6]

Save on Prescriptions with AAA

How consumers can save money on prescriptions with the AAA program.

About AAA

AAA, typically referred to "Triple A," is short for the American Automobile Club. The organization was established in 1902, when nine motor clubs came together to form one larger group. AAA is a not-for-profit organization that is most widely used for roadside assistance services. Members pay an annual fee in order to receive towing, lockout help, battery assistance and other services in the event of car trouble. The company also branches out into insurance, publishing, travel agency services, business reviews and more.[7]

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