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Acuvue® wearers have several money-saving options for Acuvue® contact lenses. These include percentage off Acuvue® coupons for online Acuvue® contact lens purchases made through select pharmacies such as Walgreens. Dollars off savings rebates are also available for certain Acuvue® products, and can be found online through the official Acuvue® website.


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Brand name for Contact lenses and contact maintenance products[1]
Manufacturer Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc.[2]
Phone number 800-843-2020[3]
Uses Vision aids[4]
Types of coupons Dollars off, percentages off, rebates for money back[2]
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About Acuvue

Acuvue® is part of the Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc. family of products, and in 1988 became the first brand to introduce soft disposable contact lenses to the public. Since then, Acuvue® has continued to grow and pursue new vision-care products and technologies.[1] Available Acuvue® products include:[4]

  • Acuvue Oasys Brand Family
  • 1-Day Acuvue Brand Family
  • Acuvue Advance Brand Family
  • Acuvue 2 Brand Family
  • Acuvue Brand Family

Acuvue® has a "Lens Advisor" on their official website for those who have never worn contact lenses or are thinking about switching to a new variety. The feature allows users to enter information such as lens type, desired comfort level and duration of wear, and then offers product suggestions which consumers may compare.[5]

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Acuvue Coupons and Free Samples

  • Acuvue® regularly offers customers rebates on contact lenses. Rebates range from $25-$100, and vary based on which product is purchased, and whether or not the patient is a first-time user or a regular Acuvue® user. Information can be found on the official Acuvue® website. Consumers can select the Rebates option on the left side of the main page to apply.[2]
  • On the official Acuvue® website, new deals and promotions are often added. Selecting the Events & Promotions tab on the left side of the main page will bring up the latest offers. From there, visitors can learn how to obtain a free trial pair of any Acuvue® lenses.[6]
  • Throughout the year, pharmacies like Walgreens, CVS, and Rite Aid offer printable online coupons on their official website for select medications, eye care products, and more. This includes discount coupons for Acuvue.
  • Weekly ad inserts for stores like Target and Walmart, as well as pharmacies like CVS and Walgreens, offer select savings on Acuvue® products at certain times of the year. To find out if there are any current offers, consumers can pick up a weekly ad in their Sunday newspaper or at the front of the store. Most stores and pharmacies allow customers to sign up and receive their weekly ad each week by e-mail.[7]


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