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Ambien® and AmbienCR are prescription sleep aids manufactured by Sanofi. Ambien® is a sedative and hypnotic used in the treatment of insomnia. The FDA approved Ambien® in 1992.[1]

Ambien® Patient Assistance Programs can provide eligible patients free or discounted Ambien® and Ambien CR, and are currently available through Xubex Pharmaceuticals and Rx Outreach Medications. Sanofi has offered additional ways for patients to save in the past, including a free 4-night trial offer and a prescription savings card that provided up to $240 savings annually. However, the Ambien® consumer website was the source of these coupons, and it now only contains prescribing information.[1]


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Brand name for Zolpidem tartrate
Manufacturer Sanofi
Available through Xubex Pharmaceuticals, Rx Outreach[2]
Questions? 866-699-8239 (Xubex), 800-769-3880 (Rx Outreach)[2]
Eligibility Varies by program
Benefits Discounted Ambien tablets
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Author Allison Hughes


Ambien Patient Assistance Programs

Patient assistance programs for Ambien® and AmbienCR are available through two sources:

  • Xubex Patient Assistance Program offers Ambien® for less through their own mail-order pharmacy. Patients must reside in the United States but there are no income limits, and patients with both public and private insurance plans may be accepted. The application only needs to be filled out by the patient; all the doctor needs to do is provide a prescription for Ambien®. The medication can be mailed to the patient's home or to their physician.
  • Rx Outreach Medications also sells Ambien® for less, but has stricter application requirements. In order to be eligible, patients need to earn less than 300% of the federal poverty level. The doctor must provide a prescription, and patients complete the application on their own. Upon acceptance, Rx Outreach ships Ambien® to the patient or to their doctor.[2]

Sanofi does not offer a patient assistance program for Ambien® or Ambien CR.

Ambien Patient Assistance Programs

How to save money on Ambien by using PAPs

Ambien Information

Ambien® is used to treat insomnia, and works by affecting chemicals in the brain that have become unbalanced and cause sleep problems. Ambien® is used in the short-term treatment of insomnia, and is only for those who have seven to eight hours to rest before resuming activity.[1]

Ambien® comes in the form of a tablet that patients are instructed to swallow with water just before bedtime. Ambien® may begin to lose its effect after 2 weeks of use, and thus is not considered a long-term remedy for sleeplessness. Ambien® is not to be mixed with alcohol, as doing so can exacerbate side effects. [1]

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