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Arimidex®, the brand name for anastrozole, is a prescription drug manufactured by AstraZeneca that is used to treat breast cancer. It is administered once daily by mouth in a 1 mg tablet formulation, and was first approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1995.[1]

Arimidex® coupons help reduce the price of taking Arimedex®, which is costly for patients without prescription drug insurance. For example, one 1 mg tablet can cost almost $18. Arimidex® discounts may be available online or from AstraZeneca's patient assistance programs. Doctors and healthcare providers may also have coupons or free samples to give to their patients.


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Brand name for Anastrozole[1]
Manufacturer AstraZeneca
Phone number 800-236-9933
Uses Suppresses synthesis of estrogen in post-menopausal breast cancer survivors[1]
Types of coupons Discounts and promotional offers; prescription savings programs through AstraZeneca[2]
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About Arimidex

Arimidex® is breast cancer drug usually prescribed to post-menopausal women with early stage breast cancer after surgery, and may also be used to treat women with advanced stage breast cancer who have completed a course of tamoxifen. Arimidex® is an aromatase inhibitor that suppresses the way the body synthesizes the hormone estrogen. Research has shown that Arimidex® may help slow the growth of breast cancer cells.[3]

Common side effects of Arimidex® include nausea, hot flashes, high blood pressure, headache, swelling in the limbs, rash, pain, weakness, sore throat and problems sleeping. In addition, Arimidex® can weaken the bones, causing osteoporosis and making them more susceptible to fracture. The drug is intended for use by women who are past menopause, and is not recommended for those who are or may become pregnant.[1]

Drug Coupons

How to get free drug coupons and savings

Arimidex Patient Assistance Programs and Coupons

  • Arimidex Direct is a program offered by AstraZeneca that provides discounted Arimidex and does not involve insurance companies. The medication is provided directly from AstraZeneca and sent to a patient's home. There is no qualification, rebate card, or coupon required for this offer. An individual only needs to have an Arimidex® prescription. The cost for the medicine is $40 each month. Patients who have prescription insurance and opt for this program will be responsible for the full $40, as they will not be going through their insurance provider. An enrollment form is available through the official Arimidex® website.[4]
  • AstraZeneca offers free Arimidex® to qualified patients through its AZ&Me Prescription Savings Program. Individuals are eligible if they meet certain qualifications and do not have insurance, if they have Medicare Part D, or if they are experiencing financial hardships. In order to qualify, patients must be U.S. citizens, have a Green Card, or hold a work visa. Patients must also meet certain income requirements. They cannot earn more than $35,000 a year for individuals, more than $48,000 a year for a couple, more than $60,000 a year for three people, more than $70,000 for families of four, and more than $80,000 a year for families of five.[5]
  • Doctors and healthcare providers may be a source for Arimidex® coupons and discounts. They may also have free Arimidex® samples for their patients upon request.

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