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Help is available for patients struggling to pay for their medications. In addition to using generic drug equivalents, drug coupons are provided by pharmaceutical manufacturers for both new and established brand name medications. Coupons for OTC medications are typically found in newspapers and magazines, while prescription drug coupons are usually issued in the form of downloadable vouchers that need to be presented at the pharmacy with a valid prescription.



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Patient assistance programs Help uninsured or under-insured patients receive free or reduced cost medicines[1]
Free trials Offer free prescription medications for 30-60 days, allowing patients to try out the effectiveness of different prescription medicines[2]
Copay coupons Help insured patients save on their monthly copay, reducing or eliminating it completely[3]
OTC coupons Over-the-counter medications sometimes offer printable dollars or cents off coupons to help customers save on their brand[4]
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Prescription Drugs

In 2008, the Harvard School of Public Health issued a report stating that 4 in 10 Americans were unable to afford their prescription medications. Forty percent of consumers in the study admitted to skipping doses, pill splitting, taking alternatives, or simply going without necessary medication.[5] In 2010, prescription drug prices rose an average of 6.9 percent, according to Barclay's Capital.[6] The statistics have become even more alarming since these studies were published. Government statistics state that 25 million Americans do not take their medication due to financial hardship.[7]

Many drug purchases are not covered by health insurance. The combination of high cost and under-insurance leads to the need for consumers to save money on drug purchases. The rise of unemployment in America also affects drug affordability. Most Americans are able to afford prescription co-pays when they are covered by health insurance. However, once unemployed and uninsured, patients have difficulty paying the out-of-pocket prices for name brand drugs.[7]

Drug Coupons

How to get free drug coupons and savings

About Drug Coupons

Drug coupons are available for both nonprescription (OTC) and prescription medications. Using drug coupons helps reduce the cost of both types of medications and helps patients save money. Over the counter drug coupons and discounts are typically available on the Internet as printable coupons, promotional offers, and coupon codes. In addition to national magazines, another source for finding nonprescription drug coupons is the local newspaper. Drug store flyer inserts often advertise sales of over the counter medications as well. Prescription drug coupons are also available as printable coupons, though savings are more readily offered in the form of manufacturer's rebates, free drug samples, and patient assistance programs (PAPs). Free drug samples are typically available through a patient's doctor when an individual wants to try out a new medication, while patient assistance programs are available through a pharmaceutical company's website or by contacting the company directly by telephone. Many pharmaceutical companies offer PAPs to assist patients who cannot afford their prescription medication and who are not eligible for other prescription financial assistance. Often, eligible patients are able to receive their medication at no cost for up to a year.


Copay Coupons

Copay coupons are offered by pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer, Inc., Bristol-Myers Squibb, and GlaxoSmithKline to help insured patients save on their brand name medication. While most patient assistance programs help uninsured patients, copay coupons help insured patients, reducing the cost of a patient's copay to as little as $4 per month. In some cases, the coupons eliminate the copay completely, or offer the medicine at no cost for 30-60 days as part of a free trial program to introduce patient's to a specific medication.[3]

These offers are typically available in printable form through the medication's official website or directly from a patient's doctor or healthcare provider. In some cases, the coupons help patients continue to afford the brand name medication once cheaper generics become available.[3]


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