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Patient assistance programs (PAPs) are prescription support programs operated by pharmaceutical manufacturers, government agencies, and third-party organizations. These health discount plans are intended to provide qualified patients with prescription medications for free, or at a significantly reduced cost. Each has its own eligibility criteria and enrollment qualifications. For most plans, this includes an income requirement and lack of adequate prescription drug insurance.



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Provided by Drug manufacturers, manufacturer consortiums, and third parties
Discounted prescription drugs, free medications
Eligibility requirements Annual income limits, proof of residency, insurance qualifications
Medications covered Prescription drugs
Application process May include submitting a written form or completing an online application[1]
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Patience Assistance Program Eligibility

Patient assistance programs are designed to assist low-income individuals or families who are uninsured or under-insured. If the eligibility guidelines are met, assistance is provided by either significantly reducing the cost of the drug or providing medication free of charge. Covered medications vary by program, with different eligibility requirements; even for medications produced by the same manufacturer.[2]

Patient Assistance Programs are not required by the government. They are offered as a free service by companies and non-profit organizations within the pharmaceutical industry. Most major pharmaceutical companies provide programs specifically designed for their highest selling medications.

Patients seeking aid from an assistance program can access a database of roughly 475 public and private programs through the Partnership for Prescription Assistance. This service helps consumers find programs that will cover some or all of the cost of their prescriptions, and patients may find information online or by calling 1-888-4PPA-NOW.[3] [4]

About Patient Assistance Programs

How to get drug discounts from patient assistance programs

Bristol-Myers Squibb Patient Assistance Foundation

The Bristol-Myers Squibb Patient Assistance Foundation was established in 1998. Prescription drug financial assistance is available to patients who reside in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, who demonstrate financial need, and who have no prescription drug insurance. Patients who are enrolled in a prescription drug coverage plan through Medicaid or any other federal, state or local health program are not eligible for benefits under the Bristol-Myers Squibb Patient Assistance Foundation.

The foundation operates several programs for Bristol-Myers Squibb medications including Yervoy®, Abilify®, Avapro®, and Orencia®.[5]

Lilly TruAssist

Lilly TruAssist is a group of patient assistance programs which help patients access Eli Lilly medications. Programs include:

  • Lilly Cares - Free Lilly medicines for uninsured patients through their doctor's office. More than 10 Lilly medications are included, including Cialis®, Cymbalta®, Evista®, and Prozac®.
  • LillyMedicareAnswers - Provides free Lilly medicines for eligible Medicare patients outside of the Medicare Part D prescription plan. Includes Forteo® (teriparatide for injection), Zyprexa® (olanzapine), and Humatrope® (somatropin for injection).
  • FORTEO Patient Assistance Program - Provides free Forteo® (teriparatide) injection medicine to eligible non-Medicare Patients.
  • FORTEO Connect - Patient education and support program for FORTEO users.
  • Humatrope ACCESS - Patient reimbursement program for Humatrope (somatropin for injection) medicine for eligible non-Medicare patients.
  • PatientOne - Provides financial, access, and claim support for patients needing Lilly's oncology products.
  • Lilly Camp Care Package Initiative - Provides Glucagon, Humalog, and Humulin, and educational resources to eligible diabetes camps.[6]

Merck Helps

The Merck Helps patient assistance program offers assistance to patients with financial and medical hardship, who meet income guidelines. Some of the covered medications include Singulair®, Vytorin®, Zetia®, and Januvia®.[7]

Merck also provides its vaccines free of charge to adults aged 19 and older, with financial need who do not have health insurance coverage.[8]

Novartis Patient Assistance Foundation, Inc.

The Novartis Patient Assistance Foundation, Inc. offers assistance to patients without insurance who are experiencing financial hardship. Applicants for assistance must be a U.S. resident, provide proof of income within eligibility guidelines, and not be covered by any private or public prescription drug insurance program.[9]

Not have private or public prescription coverage Some of the Novartis medications in the program include Diovan®, Gilenya, Lamisil Oral Granules, Exelon® Patch, Reclast®, and Tegretol®.[10]


Pfizer Helpful Answers

The Pfizer Helpful Answers family of assistance programs includes:

  • Connection to Care - A program which provides free Pfizer medications through doctor's offices. Some of the over 80 drugs provided include Zoloft®, Geodon®, and Lipitor®.
  • MAINTAIN - A program to provide medications to the unemployed. Over 80 medications are available, including Norvasc®, Celebrex®, and Effexor® XR.
  • Pfizer Pfriends - The uninsured can save money on over 80 prescriptions at the pharmacy, including Xanax®, Lyrica®, and Chantix®.
  • RSVP - A reimbursement support program for patients needing Pfizer specialty medicines. RSVP includes BeneFix Coagulation Factor® IX, Rapamune® (sirolimus), Revatio® (sildenafil), Tygacil® (tigecycline IV), Vfend® (voriconazole), Xyntha Antihemophilic Factor, and Zyvox® (linezolid).
  • First Resource - A patient assistance program for patients needing oncology medicines.
  • The Pfizer Bridge Program - A patient assistance and reimbursement program for patients needing Genotropin® (somatropin for injection) and Somavert® (pegvisomant for injection).
  • Sharing the Care - A program that provides free medicines to eligible patients through community health centers and hospitals.[11]




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