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Chantix®, or varenicline, is a non-nicotine medication manufactured by Pfizer, Inc. that is used to help people stop smoking. Chantix® works by blocking the chemical effect of nicotine in the brain that causes the desire to smoke.[1]

Chantix® coupons, printable coupon offers, drug manufacturers' rebates, co-pay assistance, and discount prescription support programs can help reduce the cost of Chantix® prescriptions. These savings are available directly from Pfizer in the form of printable coupons and patient assistance programs, or directly from a patient's doctor or healthcare provider.


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Brand name for Varenicline[2]
Manufacturer Pfizer, Inc.[2]
Phone number 877-242-6849 (1-877-CHANTIX)[2]
Uses To help people stop smoking[2]
Types of coupons Discounts, printable coupons, promotional offers and Pfizer prescription support programs
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Author Susan MacDowell


About Chantix

Chantix® is the trade name for the generic drug varenicline, and is a medicine in the drug class called smoking cessation agents. Chantix® does not contain any nicotine.[3] Chantix® (varenicline) is available by prescription only to help people quit smoking cigarettes. It blocks nicotine from attaching to nicotine receptors in the brain which decreases the desire to smoke.[4] Common drug side effects include upset stomach, sleep issues, gas and bowel irregularity.[2]

Some studies have also found that Chantix® may also be effective in reducing cravings for alcohol and cocaine, although the findings need to be verified.[5]

Chantix Coupons

How to get free Chantix coupons and savings

Chantix Coupons and Patient Assistance Programs

  • Pfizer offers a free printable coupon that can be downloaded from the medication's official website. This co-pay support offer is good for up to $30 off of a patient's Chantix® prescription. The discount offer is only accepted at participating pharmacies. The coupon may not be used by patients who have prescription coverage from public sources such as Medicaid or Medicare. In addition, it may not be used with private insurance policies that reimburse the entire cost of Chantix® prescriptions. Coupons may not be combined with other Chantix® savings offers.[6]
  • Pfizer also offers patient assistance programs for patients who need help paying for their medications. Eligible patients may be able to get free medications, medicine at a discount or receive co-pay or reimbursement support for up to a year. Information on the available programs can be found at the website or by calling 866-706-2400.[7] Pfizer's Chantix® programs include:
    • Pfizer Connection to Care: This program offers medication for free or at a reduced price to patients with no prescription coverage whose income is less that 200% of the federal poverty level. Those with Medicare Part D are eligible. The application may be downloaded or procured via phone.[8]
    • Pfizer Maintain Program: This plan is for those who are unemployed and do not have prescription drug coverage. Proof of unemployment is required. Patients may access applications online or by telephone.[8]


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