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Claritin®, a brand name for the allergy medicine loratadine, is an over-the-counter (OTC) anitihistamine designed to provide temporary relief of the symptoms of hay fever, as well as allergies to pollen, dust, and other airborne substances. Hay fever symptoms include runny nose and sneezing, as well as itchy eyes, nose, and throat. Claritin® is also used to treat the redness and itching caused by hives and other allergic skin reactions.[1] Claritin® products are available to purchase online or through pharmacies, retail stores, and supermarkets such as Walgreens, Rite Aid, Target, CVS Phamracy, Walmart, Duuane Reade, Krger, Ralphs, and King Soopers.

The price of OTC products such as Claritin® are not covered by insurance. Claritin® coupons, however, are available to help patients save money on their allergy medication. Coupons are available online as printable coupons from the official Claritin® website, as well as from local pharmacies. Free samples of Claritin® may also be available from health care providers or retailers.

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Brand name for Loratadine
Manufacturer Merck[2]
Phone number 800-CLARITIN[3]
Uses Provides temporary relief of allergy symptoms
Side effects Headache, dry mouth, nosebleed, sore throat[1]
Types of coupons Coupons, printable coupons and special offers[4]
Disclaimer The information provided by is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Do not take any action based on the information on this page without consulting a physician.
Author Susan MacDowell


About Claritin

Claritin® is a brand name for loratadine, an antihistamine used to provide temporary relief of allergy symptoms without drowsiness. Claritin® lasts for a full 24 hours, and is intended for both indoor and outdoor use. 12-hour formulas are also available. Varieties of Claritin® include Claritin® D 24-Hour, Claritin® 12-Hour RediTabs, Claritin® Eye, Claritin® Liqui-Gels, and Claritin® Tablets for adults, and Grape Flavored Chewables, Claritin® RediTabs for Kids 24-Hour, and Grape Flavored Syrup for children, among others. Some of the products are in tablet or capsule form, to be swallowed whole, one is a dissolving tablet, and the children's products are chewables, syrups, and small tablets. Most of these formulas are available on the shelves. However, Claritn® D (contains a pseudoephedrine) is only available from behind the counter.[5]

As with most medications, side effects may occur in individuals who take Claritin®. The most common adverse reactions include dry mouth, headaches, sores in the mouth, trouble sleeping, sore throat, diarrhea, and pains in the stomach. More serious side effects include wheezing, problems breathing, difficulty swallowing, rashes, hives, and itching. The National Institutes of Health recommends patients experiencing these reactions contact their doctor or healthcare provider.[1]


How to Get Drug Coupons

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Claritin Coupons and Patient Assistance Programs

  • Printable Claritin® coupons are available in the "Coupons" section on the official website. Coupons are regularly made available for an assortment of Claritin® products, including Claritin® Liqui-Gels, Claritin-D® 24 hour, Claritin® 12-hour RediTabs and Children's Claritin®. Clicking on a coupon will link to, through which consumers can print the coupon after downloading and installing the free coupon printer. Offers include dollars off products.[6]
  • Claritin® also issues its coupons through its Facebook page, and may publish information on special offers, promotions, and product news to fans.[7]
  • Pharmacies like Walgreens offer printable Claritin® coupons. This includes coupons for $5 off select products. Walgreens also publishes weekly ad circulars, available at the front entrance of the store, online, or inside Sunday newspaper inserts. Coupons for Claritin® may occasionally be issued here as well. Coupons for Claritin® may even be printed in Walgreens monthly coupon book, which is available at the entrance of Walgreens.[8]


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