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Patients who want to save money on prescription Colrys® have multiple coupon offers to choose from. The manufacturer offers a free 7-tablet voucher for new patients, as well as co-pay assistance program for those with drug insurance and a patient assistance program for those with no drug insurance who meet income requirements.

Colcrys® is a brand of colchicine, which is used to treat gout. It can also help people with familial Mediterranean fever (FMF), an illness that causes fever along with pain and swelling in the lungs, stomach and joints. While Colcrys® does not relieve pain, it is an anti-gout drug that can halt the swelling and other effects of gout and FMF.


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Brand name for Colchicine
Manufacturer URL Pharma
Phone number 888-351-3786
Uses Treats gout and FMF
Types of coupons Free trial voucher, co-pay card, patient assistance programs
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Author Selena Robinson


About Colcrys

Colcrys® is approved by the FDA for prophylaxis of gout flares, as well as acute flare-ups of gout. Common side effects of the drug include upset stomach, cramps or pain in the stomach, and diarrhea. In some cases, Colcrys® can have serious side effects, such as leukopenia, myelosuppression and thrombocytopenia.

It is possible to overdose on the active ingredient of Colcrys®, and there have been reports of patients dying after taking too much. Warning signs of overdose include throwing up, unexplained bruising or bleeding, pale or grey lips, tongue or hands, slow breathing, and flu-like symptoms such as chills and sore throat.

Colcrys Patient Assistance Programs and Coupons

  • Colcrys® offers a free seven-day supply to all patients. To get the free sample, patients may print a voucher directly from the Colcrys® website. Each patient is entitled to only one voucher, which may not be used multiple times.
  • With the Colcrys® Co-Pay Assistance program, most patients with private insurance plans will pay just $15 for each prescription. The card is good for up to 12 uses, for a year's worth of savings.
  • The Colcrys® patient assistance program provides sliding-scale discounts on Colcrys® for those with no prescription coverage. It is free in some cases, and the highest bracket, for those who earn six times the federal level, is just $25 per prescription.

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