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Eli Lilly patient assistance programs can help patients save money on their Eli Lilly prescription medications. Like most pharmaceutical manufacturers, Eli Lilly and Company offers several patient assistance programs (or PAPs for short) to qualified patients. The programs offer low-cost and free prescription drugs. In order to be eligible for most Eli Lilly programs, patients must be United States residents, meet specific income requirements, and have no other prescription drug coverage. However, in some cases patients with Medicare or other policies may be considered for assistance.[1]


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Founded May 10, 1876[2]
Headquarters Indianapolis, Indiana[2]
Available programs Lilly Cares program, Patient One Oncology program, LillyMedicareAnswers program, Xigris® Treatment Support Program, Humatrope® ACCESS program, and Lilly Camp Care Package for insulin [1]
Questions? 1.800.545.5979[3]
Eligibility for Lily Cares Must be a U.S resident, earn at or below 300% of the federal poverty level, and have no prescription insurance coverage[1]
Benefits Free or reduced cost medicines[1]
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Eli Lilly Company Information

Eli Lilly & Company was founded in Indianapolis, Indiana in 1876, and today is the 10th-largest pharmaceutical company worldwide. Employing over 40,000 people, Eli Lilly markets its medicines in over 143 countries, and conducts clinical trials in more than 50 countries.[4]

Products in the Eli Lilly line include treatments for cancer, diabetes, erectile dysfunction and more. Eli Lilly prescription medications include Cialis®, Cymbalta®, Humalog®, ReoPro® and Zyprexa®.[5]

About Eli Lilly Patient Assistance Programs

Eli Lilly & Company offers several patient assistance programs to U.S. patients. The largest of these is Lilly Cares, provided by Lilly Cares Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization that receives its financial support and products directly from Eli Lilly. The program provides qualifying patients free medication for up to a year. The medication is sent directly to the patient's doctor. Both patients and their doctors must fill out the application, which can be downloaded from the official Lilly Cares Foundation website. Patients can also have the application faxed by calling 1.800.545.6962. Eligibility for Lilly Cares is as follows:[1]

  • Must be a resident of the United States or its territories.
  • Annual family income must be at or below 300% of the federal poverty level.
  • Patients cannot have any prescription drug coverage.

Additional programs include:

  • LillyMedicareAnswers for qualifying recipients of Medicare
  • FORTEO® Patient Assistance Program, which is specifically for the osteoporosis drug Forteo
  • Humatrope® ACCESS, a reimbursement program for the drug Humatrope
  • PatientOne, an oncology program for cancer patients
  • Xigris® Treatment Support Program, providing reimbursement for Xigris to healthcare institutions
  • Lilly Camp Care Package Initiative, which helps to provide diabetes camps with insulin and educational materials

Eli Lilly Patient Assistance Programs

Eli Lilly Patient Assistance Programs


Lilly Cares Covered Medications

Lilly Cares is the main patient assistance program the pharmaceutical company offers, covering numerous Lilly medications. Before trying to enroll in the program, patients may first want to see which medications it covers. The following medications are covered under Lilly Cares:

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