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Exelon® is prescribed to help Alzheimer's patients manage the tasks of daily living. Alzheimer's is a form of dementia, a brain disorder that affects memory, clarity of thought, communication, personality and mood, as well as the ability to perform day-to-day chores and activities. While Exelon® is not a cure for Alzheimer's, and does not slow the progression of the disease, it does improve cognitive functioning and improve the quality of life for some people. Exelon® works to improve mental functions such as reasoning, remembering, and thinking.[1]

Exelon® Patch coupons can help make the drug more affordable. Exelon® offers a free 30-day supply of the Exelon® Patch to new patients, and patient assistance programs can help with further Exelon® costs.


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Brand name for Rivastigmine transdermal patch[2]
Manufacturer Novartis[2]
Phone number 888-669-6682[2]
Uses Treating dementia associated with Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease.[3]
Types of coupons 30-day trial offer, patient assistance programs[4]
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Author Hugh Shiebler


About Exelon Patch

Exelon® Patch is a transdermal (through the skin) version of the prescription anti-Alzheimer's medication rivastigmine. Exelon® treats Alzheimer's disease by improving mental functions like reasoning, remembering, and thinking. It does this by increasing the concentration of a naturally-occurring chemical called acetylcholine in the brain.[1]

Exelon® also treats dementia in patients who have Parkinson's disease, characterized by impaired functioning and problems with memory retrieval.[3] Side effects of Exelon® Patch include upset stomach, indigestion, gas, weakness, dizziness, perspiration, low energy and tremor.

Exelon Patch Patient Assistance Programs and Coupons

Novartis Pharmaceuticals runs a program called the TrialScript Voucher Program. This program offers a free 30-day supply of Exelon® Patch. To get the free medicine, patients or their caregivers can visit the Exelon® website and click on the Get 30 days free link. On the next page is an overview and a link to access the coupon. The coupon can be printed instantly, and no registration or personal information is required.[5]

Some patients will also qualify for free or discounted Exelon® Patch through the Novartis Patient Assistance Foundation Program. This program is for patients who do not have any health insurance, including Medicare or other public plans. Patients must also meet income limits, and be able to provide proof of earnings. The application may be completed online, or applicants can call 800-277-2254 for assistance.[6]

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