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Glucagon coupons and patient assistance programs can help patients afford their glucagon emergency kit. Although traditional printed or printable coupons are rarely available, doctors may provide savings opportunities or samples, and patients who meet income and insurance requirements may be able to get free glucagon from manufacturers.

Glucagon is a natural hormone that people produce in the pancreas. This hormone is also manufactured in the form of a prescription drug that is administered to patients suffering from very low blood sugar or who are about to undergo diagnostic procedures to evaluate the stomach or other organs of the digestive system.[1]


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Brand name GlucaGen®[2]
Manufacturer Novo Nordisk Pharmaceutical[2]
Phone number 800-727-6500[3]
Uses Treats very low blood sugar[1]
Types of coupons Patient assistance programs
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Author Selena Robinson


About Glucagon

Glucagon is an injectable drug given to patients who have passed out from low blood sugar or otherwise show extreme signs of hypoglycemia. Typically used in emergency situations, patients with chronic low blood sugar often keep this medicine on hand to treat severe attacks. Glucagon comes in the form of a powder or liquid, and must be mixed before administration. Signs of very low blood sugar may include lightheadedness, dizziness, weakness, shakiness, nervousness, sweating, confusion, irritability, headache and numbness.[1]


Glucagon Patient Assistance Programs and Coupons

Novo Nordisk offers eligible patients free GlucaGen® Emergency Kits through the Cornerstones4Care Patient Assistance Program, which covers a number of diabetes drugs and other Novo Nordisk products. To qualify for the program, patients must meet income requirements. The income limit is 200 percent of the federal poverty level, and those who earn 150 percent of the poverty level or less must have applied for and been denied Medicaid. In addition, patients must be residents of the United States, not have any private prescription insurance, such as from a PPO or HMO, and must not have any public insurance from the local, state or federal government. Patients may mail or fax their completed application.

Drug Coupons

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