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Keppra®, or levetiracetam, is a prescription drug used to treat seizures in epileptics. Classified as an anticonvulsant, Keppra® may be used alone or with other drugs, and helps manage excessive excitement in the brain. Keppra® is not a cure for epilepsy, and seizures can return once patients stop taking it. Typically, doctors will taper off use rather than abruptly halting treatment with Keppra® in order to prevent a worsening of seizures.[1]

Patients prescribed an anticonvulsant usually need to stay on it for a lifetime, and Keppra® can be a costly drug. Keppra® coupons can reduce the cost for patients taking Keppra® or Keppra® XR, and patient assistance programs may also be able to provide financial relief. The manufacturer of Keppra® offers a printable coupon on the official drug website.[2]


Brand name for Levetiracetam[1]
Manufacturer UCB, Inc[2]
Phone number 866-822-0068[2]
Uses Treatment of epileptic seizures[1]
Types of coupons Printable Keppra® coupons, patient assistance program
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Author Susan MacDowell


About Keppra

Keppra® is an anti-convulsant used to treat partial-onset seizures in patients who are 16 years of age and older.[3] Keppra® is available in an oral solution and an extended-release tablet (Keppra® XR). Keppra® is also available in an injectable formulation. While Keppra® and other epilepsy drugs can help manage seizures, they will not actually cure the illness. Treatment must be maintained to keep epilepsy under control, and seizures may worsen if patients stop taking the medication.[1]

Side effects of Keppra® can include lightheadedness, weakness and feelings of sleepiness. These side effects tend to ease after the first month of use. As with other antiepileptic medications, there is a slight risk that patients taking Keppra® will develop mood problems or depression, or attempt to commit suicide.

Drug Coupons

How to obtain drug coupons for prescriptions like Keppra

Keppra Patient Assistance Programs and Coupons

  • The Keppra® Patient Savings Program offers a printable coupon that can help lower the cost of Keppra® to as low as $25 a month. The coupon will cover up to $30 of co-pays or out-of-pocket costs. Patients can use one coupon a month, for a maximum savings of $360 a year. Each coupon is good for one use, and a new coupon must be printed for each new prescription.[4]
  • The UCB Patient Assistance Program can help those who have difficulty paying for Keppra®. There are income guidelines, and in order to be eligible patients must have no prescription drug coverage. Patients who are eligible for Medicare Part D may be accepted as long as they are not enrolled. Interested parties can call UCB at 866-395-8366 for an application or more information.[5]
  • Keppra® offers a free magazine called Epilepsy Advocate. Interested patients can download their first issue online, and then subscribe to the magazine at no cost.[6]

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