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Free Lexapro® samples can help new and existing patients save money on their Lexapro® prescription. Forest Laboratories may sometimes distribute samples of Lexapro® to health care providers, who dispense the samples directly to patients who might benefit from treatment with Lexapro®. When there are no free trial offers available, qualified patients may still be able to get their medicine for free through patient assistance programs, which help those who would otherwise have trouble affording needed drugs.



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Chemical name Escitalopram oxalate
Manufactured by Forest Laboratories, Inc.
Prescription Needed? Yes
Generic available Yes[1]
Brought to market August of 2002
Administration Once daily by mouth
Manufacturer phone 212-421-7850[2]
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Author Allison Hughes


Lexapro Background

Lexapro® is a prescription medication manufactured by the pharmaceutical company Forest Laboratories, Inc. Lexapro® is primarily used to treat adults with general anxiety disorder (GAD), and adults and adolescents (12-17) with major depressive disorder.

Lexapro®, a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI), is used to treat anxiety and depression disorders. Lexapro® is a relatively expensive medication. There are generic versions available, which have the same active ingredient (escitalopram). These are typically considerably cheaper than the brand name, and are equivalent in effectiveness and safety.[1]

Common Lexapro® side effects include, but are not limited to drowsiness, dizziness, nausea, constipation, upset stomach, dry mouth, and sleep problems. Patients experiencing serious side effects may need medical treatment. Serious side effects include stiff and rigid muscles, high fever, sweating, tremors, vomiting, loss of appetite, hallucinations, shallow breathing, seizures, etc.[3]

The FDA warns that Lexapro® and other antidepressants may cause an increased risk of suicide among youth aged 24 and younger. Although they are not certain exactly how great this risk is, they do not recommend Lexapro® for children under the age of 12 in most cases. The suicide risk is higher among users who have bipolar disorder, or have a family history of this illness. In patients of all ages, there is a chance that Lexapro® will alter mental state in unpredictable ways.


How to Get Lexapro Samples

The primary way for patients to get free Lexapro® samples is by asking their doctor. Pharmaceutical representatives provide doctors with free samples of both new and existing brand name medication. If a patient's doctor does not have Lexapro®, the patient can ask the doctor to contact Forest Laboratories, Inc. directly to see if samples are available.

Patients who meet certain income criteria, and who do not have prescription drug insurance, may qualify for a free three month supply of 5mg, 10 mg or 20 mg Lexapro® tablets from Forest Labs' Lexapro® patient assistance program. Under the program, Forest will ship the medicine directly to the patients' licensed practitioner's office, who will then dispense it to the patient. There is an application form that the patient and their health care provider must both fill out, and Forest will determine eligibility based on the information it contains. The program phone number is (800)-851-0758, and patients may download the application for patient assistance directly from the Forest Pharmaceuticals website.[4]

Taking Lexapro

A pharmacist shares instructions for taking Lexapro

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