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Lidoderm® is a prescription medication manufactured by Endo Pharmecuticals. It is the brand name for lidocaine transdermal, and is used to treat postherpetic neuralgia, which is the pain that may result months or years after a shingles infection. It is the only lidocaine patch that is FDA-approved for the treatment of posttherpetic neuralgia.[1]

Lidoderm® patches can be costly, with 10 patches costing over $79.[2] Lidoderm® coupons and patient assistance programs help patients save on the overall costs of their Lidoderm® prescription. Free Lidoderm® is available to patients who qualify for the Endo Pharmaceuticals patient assistance programs. Discounts are also offered in the form of co-pay assistance programs through pharmacies like Xubex Pharmaceuticals.


Wikimedia Commons: Ben Mills
Brand name for Lidocaine transdermal
Manufacturer Endo Pharmecuticals
Phone number 800-462-3636
Uses Treats postherpetic neuralgia in patients who have had a shingles infection
Types of coupons Patient assistance programs, prescription savings programs, free samples, etc.
Disclaimer The information provided by is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Do not take any action based on the information on this page without consulting a physician.
Author Allison Hughes


About Lidoderm

Lidoderm® is a local anesthetic, and works by preventing the nerves from sending pain signals through the body. The medication comes in the form of a patch, which is applied directly to the skin once daily as needed. Patients are advised by the National Institutes of Health to not apply more than three patches at any given time. Patients are also advised not to apply the patch for a period over 12 hours. [3]

Lidoderm Patient Assistance Programs and Coupons

  • The Endo Pharmaceuticals Patient Assistance Program offers free Lidoderm® to eligible patients. In order to qualify, patients must not have prescription drug coverage, must be a U.S. resident, and must meet certain income requirements.[4]
  • Patients who download and print the free MedSaverCard from the official MedSaverCard website are eligible to save between 12 percent and 15 percent on prescription Lidoderm®. Individuals are eligible for the card regardless of age, income, or prescription coverage. However, patients cannot use the card if they have a co-pay. Patients do have the option to use their MedSaverCard over their insurance, however, if the savings is greater.[2] [5]
  • Endo Pharmecuticals may provide healthcare professionals with free samples of Lidoderm®. Patients may be able to get these samples directly from their doctor or healthcare provider.
  • Lidoderm® is available through Xubex Pharmaceuticals Co-pay Assistance Program. Eligible patients save up to $30 on their Lidoderm® prescription. In order to qualify, patients cannot live in Massachusetts and cannot be covered under state or federal programs, including Medicare and Medicaid. Patients must also have coverage by an employer or individual program.[6]

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