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Lunesta® coupons and health discount plans can reduce the costs of this insomnia treatment by providing reduced-cost and sometimes even free Lunesta®, regardless of whether or not a patient has health insurance for prescription drugs.

Lunesta® is used to treat patients who have difficulty falling and staying asleep. It fights insomnia by lowering activity levels in the brain. Lunesta® is usually taken once per night, just before bedtime. The drug may be less effective if patients take it with a meal heavy in fats. Lunesta® typically takes a week or more to fully take effect, and patients who stop taking the drug abruptly may experience withdrawal effects such as anxiety, cramping, strange dreams, upset stomach and shakiness. In severe but rare cases, seizures may occur. This is why doctors typically taper patients off of Lunesta® slowly.


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Brand name for Eszopiclone[1]
Manufacturer Sunovion Pharmaceuticals Inc.[2]
Phone number Customer Assistance Center, 888-394-7377[3]
Uses Treatment of insomnia[2]
Types of coupons Printable coupons, patient assistance programs
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Lunesta Patient Assistance Programs and Coupons

  • Sunovian Pharmaceuticals offers coupons for Lunesta® on the official Lunesta® web page. There are two savings programs available:
    • New patients can try Lunesta® for free for a week with their 7-day trial offer. To take advantage of this offer, patients must fill out a registration form on the official Lunesta® website. Once the form is complete, a printable voucher will be issued. Patients must get a prescription for Lunesta® from their doctor, and then take the voucher to the pharmacy to get their free trial supply.[4]
    • Patients who are already using Lunesta® can get $15 off of each prescription through the Rest for Less savings program. Lunesta® issues a savings card to eligible patients, which they can take to the pharmacy for a discount of up to $50. The card is good for up to 12 prescriptions, for a total yearly savings of up to $600.
  • The cost of Lunesta® can also be reduced by taking advantage of patient assistance programs. For example, Xubex Pharmacy offer two programs to help patients afford Lunesta®: the Free Medication Program and the Co-pay Assistance Program.
  • By using the Free Medication Program, patients can receive up to a full month's supply of Lunesta® at no cost. Patients residing in Montana or Hawaii are not eligible.[5] Under the Xubex Co-pay Assistance Program, patients can get a discount of up to $50 off of their Lunesta® prescription. In order to qualify for this, patients must not have prescription drug coverage through private or public sources, or live in the state of Massachusetts.[6]

Lunesta Coupons

How to get free Lunesta coupons and savings

About Lunesta

Lunesta® is the brand name for eszopicline, a hypnotic that slows brain activity. This mechanism usually causes Lunesta® users to become drowsy and fall asleep. Lunesta® is typically taken before bed, or after a person has tried unsuccessfully to fall asleep without medication. People who take Lunesta® are advised to allow eight hours between taking the sleeping pill and resuming normal activity to minimize the likelihood of experiencing side effects such as dizziness, lightheadedness, hallucinations, and problems with coordination and memory.[1]

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