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Merck patient assistance programs, also referred to as the Merck Helps programs, offer free or discounted Merck medications to uninsured or under-insured patients. The company, which has merged with Schering-Plough Pharmaceuticals, offers eight patient assistance programs (PAPs) to assist low-income patients.

Programs offered by Merck include the Merck Patient Assistance Program, the Support Program, the ACT Program, and the Merck Vaccine Patient Assistance Program. Covered medications include Singulair®, Clarinex® and Clarinex-D®, Vytorin®, Janumet®, and Nasonex®. Drugs for cancer and HIV, as well as vaccines, are also covered.[1]


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Founded 1891, as Merck & Co.[2]
Headquarters Whitehouse Station, New Jersey[3]
Available programs Merck Patient Assistance Program, ACT Program, Support Program, Merck Vaccine Patient Assistance Program
Phone 800-727-5400[3]
Eligibility Income requirements and other criteria
Benefits Free medications for up to a year
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Merck Information

Merck & Company, Inc. opened in the U.S. in 1891, a subsidiary of German company E. Merck, which was founded in 1668. In 2009, Merck merged with the pharmaceutical company Schering-Plough, which was founded in 1851. Merck & Co. was responsible for discovering vitamin B1 and developing the first vaccine for measles. Today, the company is the second-largest pharmaceutical company in the world, operating in over 140 countries.[2]

About Patient Assistance Programs

How to get drug discounts from patient assistance programs

About Merck Patient Assistance Programs

  • Merck Patient Assistance Program: This program offers free medication to eligible patients for up to a year.[4] Patients can request an application by phone at 800-727-5400 or online through the official Merck website. In order to qualify, patients:[4]
    • Must be a US resident and have a prescription from a licensed U.S. doctor.
    • Cannot have insurance or other coverage for prescription medications.
    • Cannot afford their medicine. They must have an annual household income of $44,680 or less for individuals, $60,520 or less for couples, and $92,200 or less for a family of four.
  • Merck Vaccine Patient Assistance Program: Patients over the age of 19 that do not have insurance may qualify for free Merck vaccines. The main qualification is for people who cannot afford the medication who do not have insurance. For more information on the program, interested patients can call 800-293-3881 or visit the official Merck website.[5]
  • Support Program: This program for HIV patients covers Isentress® and Crixivan®, and provides information for support and reimbursement, as well as free medicine through patient assistance. In order to access additional information, patients can call 800-850-3430. [6]
  • ACT Program: This program does not provide free or discounted drugs, but offers help in finding available patient assistance programs that match consumer's prescription needs. Patients who do not meet insurance requirements may make special requests through the ACT program to be accepted into patient assistance plans. Program specialists may be reached at 866-363-6379.[7]


Merck Patient Assistance Program Covered Medications

Not all of Merck's medications are covered under their patient assistance programs. The company lists some of the covered medicines on their official website. Patients can contact 800-727-5400 to find out if their prescription is covered. In addition, some medications have their own separate programs that are not covered under the main patient assistance programs. These include the medications Cancidas for Injection, Invanz® (ertapenem for injection), Primaxin® (imipenem and cilastatin for injectable suspension), and Primaxin® (imipenem and cilastatin for injectable suspension). Information on these programs is available by calling 866-840-5400.[1]

Medicines covered under Merck patient assistance programs include, but are not limited to the following:[1]

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