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NicoDerm® CQ® is a nicotine patch that slowly releases nicotine into the body, thereby reducing cigarette cravings and minimizing withdrawal symptoms for those quitting smoking. An over-the-counter product, NicoDerm® CQ® patches are sold in kits containing a two-week supply and are available in three strengths: 21 mg, 14 mg, and 7 mg of nicotine per patch. Individuals choose their starting strength based on their smoking habits, and decrease their nicotine usage gradually over time until they do not need nicotine any longer.

The official manufacturer’s site sometimes offers NicoDerm® CQ® coupons, and has an online support program to increase quitters’ chances of success. Printable coupons may allow soon-to-be-ex-smokers to save $5-$10 on Nicoderm products.[1]


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Brand name for Nicotine patch
Manufacturer GlaxoSmithKline[1]
Phone number 888-825-1040
Uses Helps individuals quit smoking via nicotine replacement therapy
Types of coupons Manufacturer’s coupons
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Author Julie Clark


About NicoDerm CQ

Quitting smoking is difficult. Cigarettes are addictive for many people because nicotine, the active ingredient of tobacco, releases dopamine in the brain, causing a euphoric feeling. Cigarette smoking can actually change the structure of the brain over time, making quitting quite a challenge. Almost one-third of those who try cigarettes will become addicted, according to the Nicoderm manufacturer.[2]

There are many methods to quit smoking; one is nicotine replacement therapy, or NRT. NRT products such as the NicoDerm® CQ® transdermal patch work by providing a steady, yet relatively small, dose of nicotine into the body.[3] The patch triggers the body to feel satisfied because it is receiving the nicotine to which it is accustomed. The NicoDerm® CQ® patch contains less nicotine than what a habitual smoker would inhale and does not contain any of the additional ingredients that make cigarettes harmful. Over time, smokers will notice their cigarette cravings disappear as their body is weaned of its nicotine dependence.[3]

NicoDerm CQ Patient Assistance Programs and Coupons

  • Nicoderm® CQ® used to offer a coupon good for $10 off of any 14-count or larger pack of NicoDerm® CQ® with SmartControl. The offer was available from the main NicoDerm® website, which may offer similar deals in the future.
  • Coupons for Nicoderm® CQ® are sometimes offered through stores such as Target, which has offered a coupon for $5 off in the past.[4]
  • Local governments sometimes offer programs to help people quit smoking, and may supply free Nicoderm® CQ®. For example, the Los Angeles County Tobacco Control and Prevention Program offers smokers a four-week supply of nicotine patches at no charge. No health insurance or United States citizenship is required to receive the free patches.[5]
  • GlaxoSmithKline, the manufacturer of NicoDerm® CQ®, offers a “Committed Quitters” behavioral support program to help individuals achieve success in quitting smoking with the NicoDerm® CQ® patch. The program free to join, and allows users to customize a quitting plan that best suits their lifestyle.[6]
  • The NicoDerm® CQ® website also offers help from “Quit Coaches,” former smokers who discuss quitting strategies in the form of a video FAQ.[7]
  • Nicoderm®'s patent for nicotine patches is expired; therefore, there are several generic forms of the product on the market.[8] Generic or store-brand Nicoderm® costs significantly less, and contains the same active ingredient. Pharmacists can help consumers compare brand-name Nicoderm® to specific generics.

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