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Pulmicort® is an anti-inflammatory corticosteroid used in the treatment of bronchial asthma in infants, children and adults.[1] It may also be used to help combat symptoms of COPD.

Free samples of Pulmicort® can help patients save money before purchasing a Pulmicort® prescription, and may be available to healthcare professionals through the drug's manufacturer, AstraZenica. Free drug samples not only allow patients to save money on prescription costs, but also allow them to try out a medication only to find that is not suitable for their needs.


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Brand name for Budesonide
Manufacturer AstraZeneca
Generic available Respules (yes), Turbohalers (no)
Uses Treatment of bronchial asthma
Side effects Swollen tissues of the throat or nasal passages, nose allergies, irritated throat, oral thrush[2]
Administration Inhaler or nebulizer
Drug interactions include, but not limited to Azole antifungals, aldesleukin, azathioprine, chemotherapy, quinolone antibiotics
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Author Allison Hughes


Pulmicort Background

Pulmicort® is a prescription medication manufactured by the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca, and used in the treatment of asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder. The drug comes in two forms: Pulmicort Respules® (suspension for nebulisation) and Turbohaler® inhaler. Pulmicort® is usually inhaled one or two times each day, and is not intended to relieve sudden asthma attacks as it does not produce an immediate effect. Pulmicort® is only effective if it is used on a regular basis.

Pulmicort® can worsen fungal, viral, bacterial, or parasitic infections.[3]


How to Get Free Drug Samples

Ways to try out medications like Pulmicort at no initial cost

How to Get Pulmicort Samples

Patients may inquire with their physicians to find out if any Pulmicort® samples are available. Doctors' offices may be able to contact AstraZenica to request some.

If no samples are available from a physician, qualified patients may be able to get free Pulmicort® from AstraZenica's AZ&Me™ Prescription Savings program. There are three arms of the program: one for people who have no insurance, one for those with Medicare Part D, and another for health care clinics and other facilities.[4] It is free to sign up for the program, and patients may get free Pulmicort® for a year. Once the year has passed, they may reapply.[5]

To be eligible, patients must meet certain income requirements. However, these requirements may be waived due to other circumstances, such as job loss or another life-changing event that is not apparent in their income documentation.[5]

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