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Sanofi Patient Assistance Programs are designed to help patients who are experiencing financial hardships save money on their Sanofi medications. The company's traditional patient assistance program provides eligible patients with free medication for up to a year. Patients are supplied with three months' worth of their medication at a time, to be delivered to their health care provider's office. Income limitations exist, and patients must apply for assistance.[1]

Sanofi manufactures a variety of prescription medications that treat cancer, diabetes, sleep disorders and high cholesterol among other conditions, and also makes the cosmetic injectable Scultpra. Not all Sanofi products are eligible for patient assistance.[2]

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Employs Over 100,000 people globally[3]
Headquarters Bridgewater, New Jersey [3]
Available programs See list to the left
Phone 1.800.221.4025[1]
Eligibility for Sanofi U.S. residency, annual income cap at 250% of the Federal Poverty Line, no prescription drug insurance (some Medicare Part D patients may be eligible)[1]
Benefits Free medication for up to a year
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Sanofi Information

Sanofi is one of the world's leading pharmaceutical companies, employing over 100,000 people in over 100 countries.[3] Sanofi conducts extensive research and development in areas such as oncology, internal medicine, cardiology, metabolic diseases, and central nervous system disorders.[4] A partial list of medications that are manufactured by the company includes Plavix, Ambien CR®, Lovenox®, Lantus®, Eloxatin®, and Taxotere®.[2]

About Sanofi Patient Assistance Programs

Sanofi has several patient assistance programs for those using Sanofi medications. The company's traditional program offers qualified recipients free medication for up to a year. Patients may reapply at the end of that period. To determine eligibility, patients must complete an application and have their physician fill out the Licensed Practitioner Section. Patients may download the application from the company's official website or request it by calling their toll-free hotline at 800-221-4025. Most applicants will receive an reply in three days, although the actual time may vary according to the program.[1] [5]

Patients are eligible for the program if they are residents of the U.S., do not have public or private prescription drug coverage, and have an annual income at or below 250% of the Federal Poverty Level. These guidelines are as follows:[1]

  • $27,075 (annual income) - Individual
  • $36,425 (annual income) - family of two
  • $45,775 (annual income) - family of three
  • $55,125 (annual income) - family of four
  • $64,475 (annual income) - family of five
  • $73,825 (annual income) - family of 6 or more

Applicants are determined on a case-by-case basis, so patients who do not meet the above income or insurance guidelines may still qualify. Patients who have Medicare Part D but would otherwise be eligible for assistance may file an appeal to be accepted if they are not able to afford needed Sanofi drugs on their own.

Sanofi also offers several additional patient assistance programs. These include the following:[6]

  • The HYALGAN® Reimbursement and Patient Assistance Program
  • The LOVENOX® Reimbursement and Patient Assistance Hotline
  • The Eligard® Reimbursement and Patient Assistance Program
  • The RILUTEK® Reimbursement and Patient Assistance Program
  • The Sculptra® Patient Assistance Program
  • The Institutional Patient Assistance Program
  • PACT+SM Program


Sanofi Covered Medications

Listed below are those medications that are covered under the traditional Sanofi patient assistance program. For assistance and information about medications not listed here, patients can contact Sanofi directly at 800-221-4025. Customer service representatives are available every day of the week from 9am to 5pm Eastern time.[1]

  1. Apidra® SoloSTAR (insulin glulisine [rDNA origin] injection)
  2. Aplenzin® TM (bupropion HBr extended release tablets)
  3. Aralen®
  4. Arava®
  5. Cantil®
  6. DDAVP®
  7. Drisdol®
  8. HIPREX®
  9. Kayexalate®
  10. Kerlone®
  11. LANTUS®
  12. MULTAQ®
  14. Nasacort AQ®
  15. pHisoHex®
  16. SKELID®
  17. Uroxatral® (alfuzosin HCl extended release tablets)
  18. XYZAL®
  19. BenzaClin® (clindamycin 1% - benzoyl peroxide gel 5%)
  20. Carac®
  21. Klaron®
  22. Noritate®
  23. Penlac®

About Patient Assistance Programs

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