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Singulair® is a prescription medication used in the treatment of asthma. Singulair® contains montelukast sodium, and is manufactured by Merck Sharp & Dohme Corporation. Singulair® is taken orally in tablets, chewable tablets and granules, and is not a substitute for fast-acting asthma inhalers.[1]

Like many prescription medications, Singulair® can become costly. One way to help ease the cost is to obtain free samples. These free trials of Singulair® may be available through a patient's doctor or healthcare provider. In addition, patients can also make use of Singulair® patient assistance programs. Singulair® also offers a coupon good for $20 on a full prescription.


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Chemical name Montelukast sodium
Manufactured by Merck Sharp & Dohme Corporation[1]
Prescription Needed? Yes
Generic available No
Brought to market 1998[2]
Administration Once daily oral
Manufacturer phone 800-727-5400[3]
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Singulair Background

Singulair® is the brand name for montelukast, a leukotriene inhibitor that helps prevent asthma attacks in adults and children over the age of 12 months. It also helps relieve allergy symptoms like sneezing or stuffy, runny nasal passages in adults and children as young as six months.[1]

In some cases, serious side effects may occur while a patient is using Singulair®. Some of these more serious side effects include, but are not limited to the worsening of a patient's asthma symptoms, the development of tremors or shaking, the appearance of a skin rash, hallucination, sleepwalking, nightmares, or mood and behavior changes like anxiety and depression.[4]

Singulair TV Ad

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How to Get Singulair Samples

Patients can get free Singulair® samples through their doctors or health providers. Health professionals can request free Singulair® samples for their patients from the official Merck website at

In addition to free samples, patients can also use Singulair® coupons. These printable coupons are available through the official Singulair® website, and offer patients $20 off their first Singulair® prescription. Patients can print the coupon from the official site, and take it along with their prescription to the pharmacy. The $20 voucher can also be used for mail-order prescriptions. Coupons are limited to one per customer.[5]

Another way to get free Singulair® is through the Merck Helps patient assistance program. Merck provides Singulair® to eligible patients for a full year upon acceptance into their program. To qualify, patients cannot have prescription insurance and income must fall below stated levels.

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