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Victoza® free samples are sometimes available through doctors or medical clinics, and allow patients to experience a trial run of this medication at no out-of-pocket expense. These samples are not always available, but patients may be able to save even without samples by taking advantage of the manufacturer's discount program.

Victoza® contains the active ingredient liraglutide, and is approved to treat Type 2 diabetes among adult patients. The drug may improve blood sugar, or glucose, but is not a cure for diabetes. Victoza® is an injectable medication intended for once-daily use, and is not a substitute for insulin.[1]


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Chemical name Liraglutide [rDNA origin] injection[1]
Manufactured by Novo Nordisk[1]
Prescription needed? Yes[1]
Brought to market 2010[2]
Administration Injected[1]
Manufacturer phone 800-727-6500[3]
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Author Susan MacDowell


Victoza Background

Victoza® is typically used only after other diabetes drugs have not been successful, and the manufacturer states that it is not a first course of treatment for the illness. The drug is also not indicated for people with Type 1 diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis, and has not been tested for safety in children.

The most common side effects of this drug include headaches, upset stomach, and diarrhea. Patients who experienced stomach upset appear to grow immune to this side effect over time, according to the manufacturer. In clinical trials, patients were shown to be more likely to experience hives or other immune-related responses with Victoza® than with other diabetes drugs.[1]

How to Get Victoza Samples

Physicians may have samples of Victoza® on hand to distribute to patients, or may be able to order such samples from the manufacturer. Because Victoza® is only available with a prescription, samples will not be available from anyone other than a medical professional.

The manufacturer also offers discounted Victoza® through the Victoza® Instant Savings Card Program, which allows patients to pay no more than $25 for the drug. Patients may use the card for 24 prescriptions, and enrollment is available at doctors' offices or via the official drug website.[4]


How to Get Free Drug Samples

Free samples of medications like Victoza are provided to physicians by manufacturers

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