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By using zinc coupons, consumers can get discounts on a variety of brands. Zinc may be taken during the cold and flu season for added immune support, or taken as a daily supplement for optimal nutrition. Zinc supplements may use zinc sulfate, zinc acetate or zinc gluconate, each of which contains a different percentage of elemental zinc. Zinc can be found in pill form or topical creams, and is also sometimes added to throat and cold lozenges.[1]

Coupons for zinc may be distributed directly by manufacturers, or be offered by vitamin stores, grocers or drug stores. Some coupons may be brand-specific, while others may be used on an assortment of brand names.



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Brand names Nature's Bounty, Nature Made, Optimum Nutrition, Spring Valley
Manufacturer Various
Administration Oral, topical
Uses Immune system support, treatment of high blood pressure, diabetes, benign prostatic hyperplasia, macular degeneration, asthma, diabetes, acne, and other skin conditions[2]
Types of coupons Retailer and manufacturers' coupons
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Author Allison Hughes


About Zinc

Zinc is an essential mineral necessary for proper development and overall health. It is a trace element, meaning that the human body only needs tiny amounts. Those with zinc deficiencies may experience a reduction in night vision, lowered sense of smell and taste, and slow recovery from wounds and illnesses. People prone to zinc deficiencies include alcoholics, those with eating disorders, and those suffering from Down's syndrome, stress or liver or kidney diseases.[3] Pregnant and breastfeeding women require more zinc in their diets than others.[1]

Zinc supplements are often fortified with cadmium, as the two metals are often seen together in nature. However, cadmium taken in high doses over an extended period of time may cause kidney failure. Therefore, experts recommend purchasing zinc-gluconate supplements, as these have the least cadmium.


How to Get Drug Coupons

Get information on how to obtain drug coupons for medications and supplements like zinc.

Zinc Supplement Coupons

  • SkinZinc, a brand of topical psoriasis treatment, offers a $5 rebate to those who purchase their product. To get the rebate check, consumers may go to the SkinZinc website and click on the Save link at the top of the page. Users will need to send in a short rebate form along with a receipt and bar code. SkinZinc is available at CVS, Walgreens and Walmart.[4]
  • Quantum Health offers $1.50 mail-in coupons (rebates) for three zinc products: Thera Zinc Lozenges (2 48-count packages), Thera Zinc Echinacea Lozenges (48-count packages) and Thera Zinc Oral Spray (4oz). Consumers can access the rebate vouchers on the Quantum Health website.[5]
  • Desitin offers a coupon for $1 off of zinc oxide diaper rash treatment on their official website.[6]
  • Natures Way offers vitamin coupons through their eclub. They sell products like Zinc Chelate and Zinc Lozenges in Natural Berry flavor.[7]
  • Nature's Bounty has a Healthy Rewards program through which discounts for Nature's Bounty zinc pills and other supplements can be obtained. A $1-off coupon is issued when joining.[8]


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