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Zyrtec®, an antihistamine, is an over-the-counter allergy drug designed to reduce the symptoms of histamine triggered by allergic reactions to plant particles, dust, dust mites, pet dander, roaches, and molds. Allergy symptoms may include itching, sneezing, runny nose, and watery eyes. Zyrtec® is also used in the treatment of itching and swelling caused by hives that may also result from allergies, although it will not prevent them from occurring. While Zyrtec® does not cure allergies, it can make them easier to live with.[1]

Allergy sufferers can save on treatment by using Zyrtec® coupons and health discount plans, which may be available directly from Johnson & Johnson.


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Brand name for Cetirizine hydrochloride[2]
Manufacturer Johnson & Johnson/McNeil Consumer Healthcare[3]
Phone number 800-343-7805[4]
Uses Temporary relief of allergy symptoms[1]
Types of coupons Printable online coupons, clip-out coupons
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About Zyrtec®

Originally a prescription product, Zyrtec® was approved by the FDA for over-the-counter sales on November 21, 2007. It was deemed safe for both adults and children over the age of six.[5] Zyrtec-D®, which combines the antihistamine with a nasal decongestant, was also FDA-approved for non-prescription use on November 9, 2007.[5] Sales of Zyrtec-D®, however, are regulated in accordance with the Combat Methamphetamine Epidemic Act due to the fact that the drug contains pseudoephedrine.

Drug Coupons

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Zyrtec® Patient Assistance Programs and Coupons

Zyrtec® posts printable coupons on their consumer website. To view and print them from the main drug site, consumers may click on the Muddle No More link in the middle righthand portion of the screen, or the Special Offers tab on the left, from which a Coupons link will appear in the drop-down menu. Once users click on a link, available coupons will appear. These include a coupon good for $4 off of any 40-count or higher Zyrtec® product, as well as a coupon for $2 off of any Zyrtec® product except for trial-sized packages. Consumers must have or create an online account with Zyrtec® before they will be able to print the coupons.[6]

In addition, the makers of Zyrtec® offer the ZNA Rewards program. Program members can enter a code from Zyrtec® packages online to earn a coupon good for $7 off of Zyrtec®. The rewards program also offers discounts from several affiliated retailers, such as Cabelas for fishing and watersports goods; Wag for pet supplies; Burpee for garden products; and Improvements for home improvement goods such as fans and HEPA filters.[7]


Zyrtec® Recall Information

A recall was issued by Johnson & Johnson for various sizes and flavors of Children's Zyrtec® on April 30, 2010. The recall was initiated in conjunction with the FDA for all Zyrtec® children's and infants' liquid products because they may not meet quality standards. Some of the recalled products may contain a higher concentration of active ingredient than specified on the label; others may contain small particles; and others may contain inactive ingredients that may not meet internal testing requirements.[8] Affected products include:[9]

  • Lot 50580-721-04: 4-ounce Children's Zyrtec® Bubblegum Syrup
  • Lot 50580-730-04: 4-ounce Children's Zyrtec® Grape Syrup
  • Lot 50580-730-15: 0.5-ounce Children's Zyrtec® Sugar-free Dye-free
  • Lot 50580-721-15: 0.5-ounce Children's Zyrtec® Bubblegum Sugar-free Dye-free
  • Lot 50580-721-08: 2 x 4-ounce Children's Zyrtec® Bubblegum Sugar-free Dye-free

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